Teaching ➤ Web Design @ HNU ECC MC

Web Design is an amazing field where you never stop learning, whether you are a student or a teacher! It is one of the fastest-growing career fields, where the sky is the limit. From website managers to programmers to user experience designers: you can apply your strategic thinking and creative skills there. It is one of the highest-paying in-demand jobs, which will be relevant in the years to come.
Websites are also the 21st-century business cards: your prospective employers and clients expect to get to know you before the interview. So, if you are looking to start your own business or to land your dream job in any field, you need a website!


Technology Covered:

Students learn the basics of managing a personal website: how to create a website from scratch and put it online. Tools include WordPress installation, e-commerce, coding with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Framer prototyping, designing for your target audience, and more! Students graduate from this class with a professional website for their next career step.

Teaching Philosophy

Having taught beginner and intermediate web design classes since 2015, I realized that one size doesn't fit all. Some students are interested in UX or launching a business website, and some students want to become web developers. That's why I use a project-based, personalized approach in my class. I also use role-playing and adaptive learning to make it meaningful and fun!

You will find a variety of final projects here, from e-commerce stores to blogs and artist portfolios!

Student Websites

Ivan Luna, Holy Names University, COMM 121 Web Design, Fall 2022 SkinCare Blog

Litzy Zumaya, Holy Names University, COMM 121 Web Design, Fall 2022 Digital Art Portfolio

Erica Ordaz, Holy Names University, COMM 121 Web Design, Fall 2022 Photography Portfolio

Amber Calceta, Holy Names University, COMM 121 Web Design, Spring 2022 Digital Art Portfolio

Maria Cova, El Camino College, ART 146 Designing for World Wide Web, Fall 2017 Designer Portfolio

Nia Couto, Holy Names University, COMM 121 Web Design, Fall 2020 Fashion Blog

Marielle Ang, El Camino College, ART 146 Designing for World Wide Web, Fall 2017 Designer Portfolio

Robert Macleod, Moorpark College, MM M20 Web Design, Fall 2017 Game Design Portfolio: macleodgames.com

Final Presentations: COMM 121 Web Design, Holy Names Univ.

Ivan Luna, 2022

To create the wireframe, I used GoDaddy. My primary user persona is Ashley Simmons, a 17 year high school student who has acne and wants to clear up her skin. The majority of my users fall under her category.

I agree along with others in the class, I am not very tech savy, so GoDaddy was challenging in getting it do and show exactly what I wanted on the website pages. It was difficult adding videos, but I was able to add one in the "My current skin care routine" section. I wish I added more videos to my website.

Over break I will continue adding videos to my website, as I am a Marketing student who wants to work in the skin care industry, so this website will be a good portfolio to show my experience and passion.

What I learned during this project is the value of time, and allocating out enough time just in case bugs occur. I had trouble with my video uploading on YouTube, but it finally got up.

If I were to take the class again, I would want to learn how to add reviews on your website and make it public so users can comment their experiences with products I recommend.

I enjoyed the designer track, and would not change it in the future.

Thank You for pushing us to create these websites. I know if I fix mine a little bit more, it will definitely help me land a job in San Francisco. I am manifesting this future for myself.

Alexandrea Taylor, 2022

"Hello everyone,

I didn't use Framer to create the wireframe because I had almost completed my website, so I decided to do a user journey walk-through from my actual website. I chose my primary user persona for this presentation because she is a symbol of my most frequent clients, so she is who I'm trying to attract.

Creating this website took me a long time because I coded through page layers to customize my website and plugins. I used a theme from Word Press for my website, which would be easier because I needed more time to build a website from scratch. However, I ended up customizing and coding everything, and I wonder if it would have been easier not to use a theme.

I learned that creating classes where my students could get together and create a community would be beneficial. It's essential to be around others who share your identity, so it would be a good idea to create an environment that bolsters the confidence of my students. I also tossed out the free introductory lesson because I will waive the fee for the first hour of our first session. For example, if a student books a two-hour session for reading development, I will not charge for the first hour as we will break down the wants and needs of the student.

If I took the second level of this class, I would want to add more services and integrate zoom and google calendar on my website. I'm going to continue working on my website as it is beneficial to my clients and me. I think these changes will make it easier for students to join sessions and more accessible for me to keep track of future sessions. Right now, I have a small clientele, so I will wait until I get more customers to add these features and memberships to my website. I will create a different logo with a book that speaks more to my brand.

Ultimately, I would not change tracks because I learned so much, I feel accomplished, and I'm glad I can now code and build websites. I a proud of my work this semester, and I thank Professor Z for teaching me."

Ana Meza, 2022

"I created the user journeys presentation through the website that was recommended to use , the software I used was on my MacBook within godaddysites to help me gather my website. Discoveries 1 did was on godaddy and the variety of things you can insert on websites which was quite amazing on how much you can do. What else I would want to learn on second level of this class would be how to add videos and more designs with customizations. although it was nice making a website I would not continue because l feel as if my creative side tends to leave when creating a website. I would enjoy keeping the same track I picked which was designer."

Erica Ordaz, 2022

"To create the wireframe, I used GoDaddy and the primary user persona is Catrina Montez, an art enthusiast who will be a great client/consumer for my business.

I switched my hosting website several times so with a time crunch, I went with GoDaddy at the end and creating the wireframes was a little challenging to navigate inserting things into my pages such as the shop which was the main goal but after this class ends I will work on ensuring the art can be purchased.

Overall. I learned that I have many resources and skills now to put my value propositions into action and try to create a small business for myself with my art. In the next iteration of this project, I will update my portfolio, add a blog, fix the error with the shop page and publish my site to my social media.

I want to continue learning things from both the design and developer track. The design track was very fun and pushed me to learn about the process that happens prior to the initial designs. I did not realize there was so much research and learning that needed to be done prior to starting the project. Among other thins l learned the importance of time management, investigative skills, research, and visual aspects.
Thank you for everything Prof. AZ! "

Angela Drew, 2016